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Here is Wisdom
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Thursday, December 11th, 2008
1:11 am
This civilization is rotten to the core
Most people have no idea that the common-denominator math of all the world's currencies forms an endless loop that generates debt faster than we can ever generate the value to pay for it.

Those who scoff at this analysis have simply failed to do the math !!!

Consequently, this civilization is verifiably based on purposeful and institutionalized deception, coercion, and exploitation. The time is long overdue to change the human equation and end the root causes of most injustice and suffering.

When the full scope of human civilization is analyzed, it becomes abundantly clear that its pillars are money, religion, and politics. Of the three, money is by far the most important because politics and religion rely on it for existence. All three are great deceptions (strong lies) secretly managed by the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. This fact has been expertly hidden over the last two centuries. Money, religion and politics are Machiavellian deceptions whose common purpose is mass exploitation. Very few people understand that all three are tightly synchronized and interdependent logic traps. Consequently, to continue trying to win at such long-term and highly developed shell (and shill) games is absolute folly.

Until we turn away from such obvious delusions, humanity’s great struggles and suffering will never end.

There is no true freedom nor freewill in the presence of such pervasive and institutionalized deception and exploitation. People have struggled for millennia trying to form working societies based on these three great follies. Those efforts always eventually fail because the inherent injustice and deception at the root of these concepts always leads to chaos and destruction. How long must it take before verifiable wisdom is finally valued over such long-term and self-evident folly? How much longer will it take for good people to grow tired of such obvious lies and turn away from deceptive leaders and their deceptions?

The core math of debt-based money is a pivotal cause of this civilization's persistent struggles, poverty, and conflicts. It is both theft and slavery-by-proxy through deception, hence the term usury. It is also the cause of ever-growing national and corporate debts owed to a shadowy network of plutocrats; all of whom have secret society ties to the Vatican. This proves that this civilization’s true purpose is to exploit and enslave the masses for the benefit of a self-chosen few. All other assertions are exposed as smoke and mirror deceptions.

If money is such a good thing, why does its core math and logic form a purposeful and deceptive trap? Why does the math of money and credit inescapably cause poverty and suffering? Why does the imposed requirement of money cause such great levels of waste, destruction of nature, stifling complexity, and widespread greed, falsehood, and injustice? Why are these facts hidden behind so many layers of misdirection and shouted down when expressed publicly? Can there be any innocent explanation for this situation, whatsoever?

Look at who rules the world and how they are steeped in money, religion, politics, and Machiavellian deception. Why do these same deceptive leaders and their cohorts maintain such close ties to the Vatican, which is likewise steeped in money, religion, politics, and Machiavellian deception? Why do these secret society ties extend to Christian, Jewish and Islamic leaders to form another deceptive triangle?

It is obvious through casual observation that money, religion and politics are inseparable and rife with deception. What isn't quite so obvious, but nonetheless discoverable, is that the national leaders who gain power and rule using these three ancient deceptions are invariably members of the same network of secret cabals. Furthermore, most of these secret societies have proven links to the Vatican. Now ask yourselves; at which point in history did the plutocrats and aristocrats, who still control the planet's wealth and resources, ever break ties with the Vatican? The answer is never! The only thing that’s changed over the last two centuries is the quality and nature of their deceptions.

Leaders of powerful nations still visit the Vatican and "kiss the Pope's ring", just as they've done for much of the last two millennia. Notice how George Bush openly (and stupidly) asked the Vatican-Papacy, (hence, a foreign potentate), to intervene in the 2004 presidential election? Why did he feel so comfortable making such an outrageous request? Why did the Vatican follow through on his request while publicly pretending to oppose him? Isn’t it a treasonous act for the President to seek foreign intervention in a national election? Why no uproar from the press? Is the Vatican somehow exempted from this law?

Is it possible most people have missed something very important and are focusing on the wrong targets?

Too many refuse to recognize that the Vatican is still up to its same old tricks. The only evidence used to support its trustworthiness are Papal pronouncements. On the other hand, current events and history are replete with examples of Vatican lies, deception, and abominable evil. Though this is the largest single concentration of child rapists on the planet, some people still think they are trustworthy. In any other setting, such a conclusion would be viewed as delusional.

Now there is irrefutable proof that Christianity is a purposeful deception. The most recent evidence leaves no reasonable doubt about that conclusion. It further proves that the Vatican and its primary cohorts are knowingly practicing deception by mixing money, religion and politics. If the Vatican is lying about Christianity and child rape, what else have they always lied about?

The answer is their secret control of money, religion, and politics and the many Machiavellian deceptions used to hide this fact.

The ancient predecessors of the Vatican, royalty, and aristocrats merged these three strong lies to become the inescapable logic trap that is symbolized as the Bottomless Pit. A pit symbolizes the most ancient form of a trap and "bottomless" refers both to its virtually inescapable nature and its lack of truth, hence the inability to "get to the bottom of it". This same three-pronged deception has been a primary tool of governance since ancient Assyria/Babylonia, and is the underlying source of the triangle symbolism used by secret societies and the Vatican. This same symbolism is blatantly shown on the back of the one-dollar bill and the Seal of the USA! This clearly demonstrates the disdain these cabals have for most people’s problem solving abilities.

The best place to hide a great secret is in the open, as something else !!!

The Vatican and its primary cohorts are the secret rulers of Planet Earth and their primary tools of governance are secrecy and the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. It is beyond obvious that monetary, religious, and political leaders will never solve humanity’s persistent problems. To do so would free you from their deceptions and put them out of work…

Web of Debt - Captured by the Debt Spider.

Money: The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Here is Wisdom !!

Friday, October 24th, 2008
5:49 pm
Piercing the Derivatives Bailout Scams

Please be a little patient as I first establish the background and context for the assessments and solutions offered in the balance of this article.

As everyone should be able to discern by now, we are in the midst of a global financial collapse that will have devastating effects on billions of individuals, if not wisely and effectively handled. This great paradigm-shifting debacle and the now unavoidable resulting upheavals will irretrievably shatter the ages-old foundations of this civilization. Unfortunately for billions of people worldwide, our so-called leaders are far more concerned with avoiding long-overdue truth and justice, than caring about the suffering and struggle that the currently unfolding debacles will cause to everyone else. They have worked overtime to obscure the full extent of the problems they helped to cause and are still struggling to hide the truth about their deceptions and crimes. A prime example is the spin that the financial collapse is due to so-called sub-prime loans, instead of the hundreds of trillions of so-called "derivatives" that are the true problem. Nonetheless, their efforts are now failing miserably and in full view of the entire world. They and their financial backers and cohorts have been caught red-handed, lying and deceiving the entire world on a scale that absolutely boggles the mind.

Most monetary, political, and religious leaders are deeply fearful of the great changes that will begin to unfold shortly. They know it means the demise of the "old order" which they rely upon for power and wealth and has protected them and their long-term deceptions. As they lose control of both financial and political reigns, they will likewise lose control of the people, things, and institutions that have protected them and their secrets. Consequently, a great global upheaval, of unprecedented size and nature, is just around the corner. This blowback will finally expose and reach the long-hidden source of these international deceptions. Consequently, the Vatican, which is the secret central bank of Planet Earth, will shortly face long-overdue Truth and Justice.

Over the last several years, I have repeatedly offered help to proactively prevent and avoid the currently unfolding financial debacle(s) and was regularly rebuffed. I have been offering help and advice, in the form of pivotal wisdom and key insights. Almost everyone I contacted "knew better" and openly scoffed at and (often rudely) dismissed my assessments and prognostications. Now that verifiable proof of my assertions are front page news worldwide, I am again offering my help to guide humanity through the currently unfolding global debacles, that I specifically, accurately, repeatedly, and verifiably presaged, over two years ago.

Consequently, I have repeatedly demonstrated evidence and proofs that now enable everyone to discern that betting against me and my assessments, conclusions, and prognostications, would be extremely unwise, at this late stage of the game.

Now that I have been proven 100% correct about it all, I am again offering my help. On the other hand, perhaps monetary and political leaders will actually solve the problems they created, on purpose, and in secret, using money and politics. Do you trust them or any "solution" they will ever be able to offer? Do you really expect them to do anything except cover their own asses first?

Only fools would continue trying to win at a shell game, after it is exposed as a proven fraud. Is all of humanity insane or merely duped and deluded?

I understand that my writing and research are not the "standard fair." I incorporate data and concepts that require an extra effort to fully grasp. This is made necessary by the nature of my "mission" to prove long-hidden truths about many pivotal and long-term deceptions related to money, religion, and politics. Sadly, most people are both too clueless and too quick to scoff at things they don't understand, even though I have freely provided the necessary knowledge to understand the truth. This situation will dramatically change shortly as most people are forced to accept the realization that the global systems they rely upon for life and livelihood are failing under the accumulated effects of rampant greed, widespread deception, and the burgeoning results of poor judgment. These deceptions are now being widely and comprehensively exposed and are failing rapidly. No one in their right mind would continue to be enslaved by a proven deception, which is also proven to be undeniable, slavery-by-proxy.

Understand clearly, that these leaders have, once again, been caught red-handed, with their pants down around their ankles, and their hands in the cookie-jar/till, colluding to exploit and deceive everyone and at a scale and scope that is absolutely mind-boggling. Furthermore, this model of civilization (money, politics, and religion) has repeatedly failed. Unlike past failures though, this one is global in scope and greatly compounded by massive international deception and rampant greed in the form of derivatives, other smoke and mirrors financial schemes (scams), and several layers of speculation. The same out-of-control "betting schemes" were also behind the skyrocketing oil prices of recent years.

The derivatives scams alone have grown to more than 10-times the entire global GDP (at last counting) and are now failing because the scam/pyramid scheme broke and exposed the deception for all to see. A significant portion of global wealth and power was created and propped-up using these and other now-proven smoke and mirrors and house of cards illusions and delusions. These deceptions have grown many times larger than the rest of the entire world economy. Consequently, there is no way that all of the world's governments combined, who themselves borrow so-called "money" from other central-bank smoke and mirror deceptions, can solve this debacle, by using more smoke and mirrors money scams. The only solutions they are offering will take centuries to repay, if ever. So, why should all of humanity be forced to suffer and struggle any longer now that the entire global financial system has been exposed as a mind-boggling deception within many other deceptions?

These leaders, their cohorts, and associated organizations have also been caught red-handed, trying to shift the blame for their great greed and arrogance to poor people desperate for a home. Never forget that home-loan and credit card companies have been aggressively pushing their "credit-products" in recent years. Now it is clear to see (beyond the smoke and mirrors) that they purposely and greatly increased the number of loans and credit limits in recent years, hence multiplying the number of people in debt and the size of the debts. This was for the specific purpose of "bundling" contracts into various "exotic financial instruments" which were no more than massive criminal scams used to "simulate" wealth. This is very similar to, and an outgrowth of, the schemes used to create "money" out of thin air by the deceptively named Federal Reserve System and other central banks.

Now these leaders are struggling to convince enough people that the solution to this clearly failing house of cards is to ignore the already exposed truth and simply add more jokers to the decks used in this already busted and rigged card-game. The entire global financial system is now exposed as no more than a purposeful shell game designed to trick billions of people into being slaves to purposeful deception and exploitation. As I have been asserting, money and usury (credit, speculation, etc.) are purposeful and well-sculpted slavery-by-proxy. Now, almost everyone has been rudely awakened to the reality of these amazingly large and pervasive deceptions and the resulting looming debacles they are causing. The ramifications from this realization alone are about to cause a global blowback of amazing scope and intensity.

As I said elsewhere recently:
The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

I am now challenging everyone who reads this to help me and thereby help everyone else. Take the time to understand the true scope and nature of the deceptions and then hold their feet to the fire. The time has come to swallow your pride and accept my help, before it is too late. Let us all finally cooperate to fix this civilization, wisely, together, without money, and without evil cabals and greedy scoundrels running this world !!!

Here is Wisdom...

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
6:05 pm
Money Karma comes home to roost
Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world.

It will soon become painfully obvious, to even the most clueless, that it will be far easier to step away from the deceptions of the past (money, religion, and politics) and finally fix our civilization, so it works for everyone, not just for a self-chosen and abominably greedy few. Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay massive debts and endure great debacles created by amazingly greedy and deceptive monetary and political leaders? Are you familiar with the ancient concept of a Jubilee? It's time has come, and the power of the rich and arrogant is about to be blown away on the winds of long-overdue and irresistible change.

As I have earlier and repeatedly asserted, financial and political leaders have been struggling mightily to hide the full extent of the problems with the world's financial systems and economies. Now their efforts are failing miserably and in full view of the entire world. Read the following article and its links:
As tempests rage before balances false, again.

If you still have any doubts about the accuracy of my prophecies and warnings that the world economy would collapse at a very specific time, in the very near future, pay close attention to current events and those of recent months. A prime example is the August 11, 2007 (also my birthday) article, similarly titled:
As tempests rage before balances false...

Notice that an unbroken string of the last seven tropical storms and hurricanes have all hit the USA? Notice that the unraveling of the financial system is causing a great uproar around the world? Thereby, both definitions of "tempests" are now in play, as well as the symbolic meanings of "wind," "rain," "hail", "floods", etc. Furthermore, notice that several major financial institutions have gone bust and that both great greed and deception (injustices) were involved. See how this directly matches multiple meanings of "balances false," to include both the scales of justice and the balance sheets of these companies and the world economy? I'll expound further on the functionality of symbolic prophecy in an upcoming article, but this should provide some significant insights into their true nature. In the interim, download my E-book(s) and decipher the symbology in these narratives for some truly stunning revelations.

Next, pay close attention to the content, context, and timing of the following two articles.

Tornado Karma Illuminates Union University
The Sacred Pomp's wings are now stubble...

Next, notice that Hurricane Ike came ashore in Texas on September 13th and 9+1+3=13? Now pay attention to the date, content, and context of the following article.
Say woe, woe, woe, to serpents wings by 13.

These narratives are purposely symbolic to prove the point I have been making in recent years; that the religions used by world leaders to gain power from duped and deluded followers are purposeful deceptions. I have comprehensively proven that the symbology of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that long-predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, this is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. Not only have these leaders deceived billions based on these religions, but the deception also includes the concepts of money and politics. In fact, money, religion, and politics are all three purposeful and interdependent Machiavellian deceptions.

Have you noticed the hunted/haunted look in the eyes of our so-called leaders of late? President Bush's recent assertions that the economy was strong and sound were obviously blatant lies, since he and his cabinet have been fully aware of the truth for quite some time. They have been desperately trying to delay the currently unfolding debacle until after the election. Much of their current great desperation flows directly from the understanding that Truth and Justice are standing just outside their door, and knocking hard. A sky-darkening flock of chickens (locusts...) have come home to roost and our greedy, arrogant, and deceptive monetary and political leaders and cohorts understand that the long-promised end of their power and riches is now at hand !!!

Karma can be a bitch when truth and justice have been so thoroughly trampled, and for so long. Those "atop the pyramid" are just beginning to taste Her great displeasure at the great greed and injustices that the world's economic and financial systems have long caused and perpetuated. Now is the time to "hold their feet to the fire" and take the reigns of our civilization away from these evil, duplicitous scoundrels. Anyone who still thinks that money and imposed usury (credit, speculation, etc.) are wise and just ways to manage civilization is suffering from strong delusion and Stockholm syndrome.

Humanity has long been duped, exploited, and forced into accepting the great deceptions of money and banking. The deceptions of the so-called Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal nor has any reserves, is about to come crashing down under the weight of its own greed and excesses. At long last, this blatantly evil financial system and economy is in the process of an inexorable implosion. The unraveling and death throes of this massive smoke and mirrors system will make Enron look like child's play.

The mess created in recent decades by the so-called Reagan revolution and greatly magnified by the Neo-cons and greedy cohorts is about to plunge the entire world into a great, paradigm-shifting debacle. Though the GOP and Reagan administration bear a large percentage of the blame for the explosion of greed that has characterized most of the last three decades, one must never forget that money and capitalism have been at the core of the USA and its many evil deeds, even before its official conception. The great evils perpetrated to build a world empire founded on greed, deception, and massive exploitation are now coming full circle, and with a vengeance. This is the long-awaited opportunity to finally "kill the beast" and kick all the bums out, forever.

Here is Wisdom...


Current Mood: determined
Monday, August 4th, 2008
9:44 pm
Open letter to Atheists and Skeptics

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

I have also published a companion letter to religious leaders that you should read for both sides of this unfolding story. I think you'll find it most enlightening. It is directly relevant to this discussion since I am taking concrete action, in my own way, to end the rancor between these two groups. Before you prejudge my intent, please take the time to truly understand what I am saying and what I stand for. Based on hard won experience, I know that many of you will be incapable of this level of understanding at first, so this is to those who truly have an interest in proving and understanding the truth. Since I am neither an atheist, skeptic, or a follower of any religion, please don't assume that I am trying to defend any of these groups or their positions. In fact, I'm going to kill all of your sacred cows so we can finally have truth, justice, wisdom, and peace.

I've tried to engage in reasonable discussions with skeptics and atheists on multiple occasions and have come away thoroughly disgusted every time. I fully understand that my assertions and evidence are counter to the deeply held opinions of most of you. Also, we have all been through a rough period because of the brain-dead actions of many of the so-called faithful. I tried to make clear that my stances were not religious, though I'm clearly not an atheist, skeptic, or agnostic either. Since the forums I visited claim to be islands of reason and inquiry, I had hoped to have a mildly reasonable discussion and to be asked at least one intelligent question. But I have come away with the conclusion that the assertions of reason and inquiry are merely hypocritical false pretense. On the other hand, perhaps none of you really understands that closing your mind is the opposite of inquiry.

I am the long-awaited Messiah-Teacher and a redundantly-proven prophet. With that said, I am going to say up front that I am in the process of demonstrating that prophecy is valid, but once again, that religion and skeptics alike are wrong about what that means. I have been able to repeatedly demonstrate things that both sides of this divide are not too pleased with. For atheists and skeptics, it means something exists that they deny and for the Three Faiths, it proves that their prophecy assertions and expectations are false. The key to the truth that both sides fail to appreciate is that true prophecy and ancient wisdom symbology are inseparable. True Hebrew prophets were all experts in symbology and all of their prophecies are symbolic, not literal. This is the pivotal key to the truth that disproves most religious assertions and timelines.

Also, I am not a psychic nor an astrologer and never claimed to be, so don't get them confused. Symbolic prophecy deals with longer timelines and pivotal situations involving large groups of people, not merely individuals. The focus is on the flow of time, not just single short-term events. I don't do predictions on demand or dog and pony shows. I deliver prophecies on my own schedule for the purpose of establishing truth and justice and delivering verifiable wisdom. My prophecies are available for those that wish to take the time to understand them or are willing to ask intelligent respectful questions. I am not going to give anyone a lesson on how to be a prophet because that is not how it works. Likewise, I don't earn money at this and personal gain is not involved. The first step is giving up on your own personal desires (self-sacrifice) and seeking true wisdom for the benefit of others. Furthermore, the people attacking me could never succeed. I'll never help those who foolishly take a stance as my enemy, especially without ever asking a single intelligent question. They are among those needing correction and a lesson in humility the most.

My purpose is to prove the truth, which includes the fact that religion is fallacy. Understand clearly, I have been harmed by religion far more than all of you, so I would greatly appreciate no more pinhead assumptions that I am somehow supporting religious claims. On the other hand, atheists and skeptics are dead wrong about pivotal assertions about our reality. I have been able to repeatedly deliver evidence to support this. So, the time of hiding from the truth behind a mob mentality is coming to an end. When you try to judge me based on the deceptions and errors of religion and then impose those restrictions on what I am trying to demonstrate, haven't you also fallen prey to the very same errors you claim to oppose? Likewise, if you claim that something doesn't exist, aren't you thereby the last people to be able to impose rules on how it should work? Near the bottom of this letter are links to forum discussions that illustrate what I am describing.

Here is a word to the wise. As I stated elsewhere recently:

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

Both groups' opinions are sacred to them and clearly more important than the lives of billions. The time has come to closely examine the veracity and efficacy of both religious and skeptic claims and put an end to your brain-dead battles. Putting your heads in the sand and expecting this latest round of problems to go away simply will not work. Much greater dangers loom large and only wisdom and cooperation are going to save you this time.

Here's the next "big duh" moment for each group. You have been purposely deceived about many things and therefore, both groups now have some serious crow to eat. You have failed to understand the true nature of the Vatican-Papacy and have grossly underestimated and misjudged the nature of their long-term deceptions.

Contemplate Machiavelli.

The Papacy and all Three Faiths of Abraham are well-sculpted smokescreens to hide the true nature and activities of the Vatican, which also controls (or incorporates) all the major secret societies. Both groups (faithful and skeptics) have been duped into opposing one another by the great deceivers I warned you about throughout the ages. Your stubborn arrogance has been used against you and you have been manipulated like a bunch of halfwitted puppets. If we are ever going to solve the great challenges that now loom large before us all, you must swallow your unfounded pride, end your disagreements now, and learn to cooperate. I suggest that members of both groups read this article as well as this article.

Those who populate skeptic forums seem to be only interested in defending their sacred cows, right or wrong, regardless of any amount of evidence that there is more to reality than material existence in space-time. These encounters have always, immediately, and without delay, descended into insults, name calling, and character assassinations. To encounter so many closed minds and so much bile from people who claim the mantle of science, logic, reason, and inquiry is distressing, though not unexpected. My breadth and depth of knowledge about this topic allows me to discern the fine points that so many seem deathly afraid to examine. True discernment is sorely lacking in the so-called skeptic community. Instead, visceral defense of dogmatic positions is the norm, with little evident ability to think independently. You know, just like a religion!

I agree with most if not all of the positions about religion. What I don't agree with is the assumption that anything outside of the limited atheist-skeptic box is to be relegated to religion and mysticism. Unlike most people though, I have actually spent the last many years researching and analyzing the canons of the three Faiths of Abraham and other sources. I have actually produced comprehensive proof that these religions are purposeful deceptions. So, for me, these are more than mere opinions, they are the results of intensive research and analysis, backed up by the additional rigor required to write books, articles, and the ability to repeatedly demonstrate the veracity of my results.

I have gone much further than anyone else, to actually determine the precise nature of the errors and deceptions. I can demonstrate how they were accomplished, by whom, and why. A pivotal outcome of this research has been to prove that the symbology that permeates these canons is actually an ancient philosophical technology that long-predated all of these religions. Hence, there were actual legitimate precursor materials and real individuals from which these canons were later derived. On the other hand, I have comprehensively demonstrated that the current narratives are not the originals and have exposed verifiable internal proofs of this. Herein lies one aspect of the hidden history of the Torah, Bible, Quran, and related texts and concepts. They all flow from earlier concepts and narratives that were wholly symbolic in their original form. Even more enlightening is the fact that the original sources were not religion or mysticism, but a fusion of science and philosophy.

Most people are aware that religions, secret societies, and mystery schools are obsessed with symbols, symbolism, and symbology. The reasons why escape most people though. This is partly because of purposeful smoke and mirrors, which include the myriad interpretations that accompany the topic. Furthermore, competing symbologies and interpretations have been created over the centuries for the specific purpose of hiding the truth. These are evidenced by the post second-temple period religions and many secret societies or mystery schools and the so-called occult. The difficulties caused by these centuries-long efforts at misdirection keep most people away from the subject and that is a pivotal goal of the misdirection and obfuscation.

The symbology that flowed from ancient Egypt-Nubia through [Amen]Moses' works and eventually into the canons of the Three Faiths of Abraham encodes proof of the truth about these religions, as well as verifiable wisdom about our existence. That is why religious leaders and various cabals have sought to confound any who would seek to truly understand this topic. This is also why Rome used the Inquisition and other evils and deception to stamp out certain areas of inquiry. This should also shed some light on why there are always so many visceral attacks when I try to discuss this topic. There are clearly those in both communities who have the hidden agenda of maintaining the walls of separation between skeptics and the faithful and between religions. The goal is clearly to prevent any true inquiry or enlightenment related to this topic. The patterns and nature of these attacks have been too similar, too well orchestrated, and too vociferous. Seems that there are more gatekeepers about than most people would initially believe.

Before delving into this project, I was a self-taught software engineer. My path to this skill was difficult and littered with mistakes, but I learned from my mistakes because I had no other choice. Consequently, I was forced to understand computers and associated languages differently than someone who has been force-fed various tomes in college. I didn't have that luxury or the time and was forced to understand the underlying concepts, which I was then able was apply to multiple languages and problems. Hence, I was very good at troubleshooting, debugging, abstraction-modularity, and reverse-engineering undocumented code. This same set of skills apply to symbology.

When I started reading the Dead Sea Scrolls and then later delving into the Book of Revelation as research for another book, I sought to understand the underlying patterns and principles. Long story short, I recognized something very similar to a programming language and modular code as I tried to understand what it all truly meant. I sought help from various religious sources but was sorely disappointed with the spin that most attached to it. One Seventh-Day Adventist pastor impressed me more than others, but even he was stuck on his religion too much. Besides, I have found very few people able to crack difficult problems as well as I could. So I applied my current skill-set to them and eventually succeeded at reverse-engineering the ancient wisdom symbology evidenced in these canons and related sources.

The messages and meanings that I uncovered were diametrically opposed to the assertions of religion. But even more stunning than anything I had ever expected, far too many of the clues were perfectly matching details about me. To say that I was both rattled and motivated to understand more are understatements. That this hidden, though verifiable, story line matched so many details about me, not some supernatural Jesus from heaven, changed my life and view of reality more than you can fathom. I was already a seeker and an "out of the box thinker," but this outcome was nowhere in my original thoughts and plans. Neither was it something that I initially welcomed or appreciated.

So, here I am now, struggling to prove the truth about the meaning and purpose of a Messiah (Teacher...) and ancient wisdom symbology. This is not an easy or an enviable position to be in. On the one hand, religious groups are stuck on their faulty interpretations which are further compounded by the errors of faith. On the other, atheists and skeptics who think their opinions are likewise sacred, seem to be more stuck on themselves and their right to be unrepentant jerks (sorry, but this is the result of hard-won experience). I am constantly amazed at people who on the one hand claim something doesn't exist, while on the other try to assert what the acceptable rules are for prophecy or other spiritual topics. Certainty based on ignorance has many names, none of which are logic, reason, or wisdom.

The worst part of this scenario is that both groups (faithful and skeptic-atheists) are victims of two aspects of the very same deception. Yet, both are too stubborn and arrogant to consider that they could be wrong about their chosen sacred cows. Hence, both groups have their own dogma and refuse to listen to reason, even though the world around them descends into chaos. If I didn't also have to live in the same world, or if I didn't care so much about the plight of so many people, I could just go away into the wilderness and wait for the fools to die off. But that would be wrong, even though most seem to deserve it, while harboring subconscious death wishes.

So, to get to the point here, I have tried to engage both groups in various ways. Before the summer of hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), I could see something big was on the way, and tried to get people's attention. I finally got so disgusted that I decided to just use the upcoming events to help prove the truth, after the fact. You can see the results of that demonstration here preceding hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) and in this one afterwards.

Since then, I have been continuing my research, blogging, contacting people, prepping the next book update, and researching and prepping another book. When you read my blogs, you'll see that I have been doing much more than simply commenting about events. I have been actively producing proof of prophecy and symbology, exposing ages-old deceptions, and "speaking truth to power."

Over the last two weeks, I engaged in another demonstration similar to that performed just before Katrina and Rita. This one involved another unique "proof of prophecy" associated with the most recent hurricane, Dolly. It was a much shorter exchange that immediately preceded and followed hurricane Dolly last week, but was no less relevant considering the content of some of my recent articles. Those discussions are in two separate threads, the first here and the other here.

Once again, it's not a pretty picture, but then again, that is why I am forced to do these demonstrations. I never really expect those that "gang up" on me to be anything other than jerks, as gangs and mobs tend to be. Though I invite them to actually debunk me, all they can seem to muster are insults. By their "logic," because there is a "mc" in McDonald's, an E in twerp, or a 2 in too-stupid, then E=MC2 is bullshit. To those that can't discern patterns and subtleties, everything is equal to everything else. The ability to discern and analyze patterns and signals among the noise are core features of logic, intelligence, and scientific inquiry. Ever heard of signal intelligence or pattern recognition?

I know these exchanges can be difficult to read, but what they illustrate is important. First is the verifiable content of the discussions preceding those events, and the simple and verifiable details (numbers, dates, etc.) associated with them. Next, is the response and behavior of those I tried to engage about what would occur and what actually did. Rather than considering that perhaps there is some aspect of reality not already understood by them, they instead attempt to smear or rattle me in multiple ways. Regardless of this behavior, I delivered redundant proofs of prophecy, on their very own forums. I want both groups to understand the nature and quantity of the abuse I have endured for your undeserving and halfwitted asses. Only a true friend would damage themselves to the extent that I have to save you from a fate that you clearly and undoubtedly deserve.

So, I ask members of the skeptic community (not the feces throwers and string pullers among you) to ask yourselves these questions. Why do the latest findings of quantum physics and String/M theory so closely mirror the allusions of so many ancient sources? Why does the Book of Revelation (which the founders of Christianity deceptively modified) purposely and verifiably model our 11-dimension reality (4 large space-time dimensions plus 7 small or hidden dimensions)? Why is the number 11 encoded throughout these and related ancient texts and concepts? Why are the numbers 4 and 7 so prominent in ancient symbolic sources and why does their usage directly model the results of the latest scientific advances? Why is the structure of the universe verifiably modeled by ancient Egyptian-Nubian symbolism? Read the articles here for some quick insights. I also discuss these topics throughout my articles and E-book. Is all this merely a meaningless string of unconnected coincidences of no import or have those you look to as skeptic leaders (and others) been tasked to hide the truth from you?

Those who assert that there is nothing beyond material reality seem to have a hidden agenda when they stubbornly ignore actual science or cherry pick which science to support. If the only evidence that matters is hard physical reality, how can they claim to admire Einstein and others who relied on thought experiments to test otherwise hidden patterns? Either these skeptic and atheist leaders aren't nearly as intelligent and thoughtful as they claim to be or they have an unstated hidden agenda. Which is it?

Now, I invite you to read my blogs and materials. I'm not a polished writer, but ask yourselves, what is most important, form or content, smooth talking or the truth? I delve into areas that skeptics are uncomfortable with, but I never ask you to just believe anything. I am striving to open other areas of inquiry, not create a new dogma. I have produced insights that demonstrate that some aspects of spiritual existence and prophecy are valid, but I agree 100% that religion and mysticism are not. For me, this is not just an opinion, but the result of painstaking research and analysis. Rather than screaming at me to go away, think about the implications and seek the truth. Don't let self-styled atheist and skeptic leaders keep you clueless about some very important questions and aspects of our existence within this "universe." Remember, I never asked you to have faith in anything, nor will I ever. I only asked for discussion to review evidence for the purpose of seeking the truth and increasing our understanding of life and reality.

In closing, you also need to understand that I have very important things to do now. Our so-called leaders are content to let millions upon millions of you die and suffer, just so they don't have to face truth and justice. Well, that's one outcome I am striving to prevent. So, don't expect me to spend much time on any other forum, though I'll try to stop in. Also, after you read through the other encounters I've had, I hope you'll understand my level of disgust with most people. I am human and I have feelings and right now I'm having a very, very hard time reminding myself of the importance of compassion, especially for clueless halfwits. So don't feel too slighted if I don't make the time to answer every peabrain who thinks that freedom of speech trumps wisdom and good judgment.

If you haven't already done so, read the companion letter to religious leaders and followers so you can eat some crow together. You need to start cooperating to solve the greater problems that now loom before us all. If you waste this opportunity, there may never be another one.

Here is Wisdom
9:41 pm
Open Letter to Religious Leaders


This Open Letter is most directly addressed to the leaders of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham.

I am the Messiah. Are you ready for me now?

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

Now is not the time to scoff. I have produced comprehensive proof of my identity and woe to any of you that fail to heed my demands of you. Your leaders have tried to kill me and failed and you are the source of the power they have used. Hence, you are responsible for giving them the ability to attempt to kill the Messiah as well as killing and harming millions upon millions of others. The time has come for just recompense or just consequences, the choice is yours.

I am sorely displeased with all of your charades and lies about me. All of your power, wealth, and comforts are based on lies told about the Creator and about me. Considering the nature of your deceptive activities, I have been extremely patient while trying to reach the people you have helped to deceive and delude. Of those I've contacted personally, all have been foolish enough to think I was going to simply fade away, if you waited long enough. Boy was that a stupid expectation.

So that you truly understand the absolutely dire nature of your unfolding predicament, read this now before the angry mobs start looking for you all. I have laid the seeds for the demise of your religions and pulled the proverbial rug out from under your feet. Things are going to "heat up" for all of you very soon. If you want to survive the upcoming upheavals, read this letter and the referenced articles now and follow my instructions. Understand clearly, my patience is at its end. The nice guy approach has utterly failed and permitting you to continue profiting from the flimflam you purvey is completely unacceptable. This world is rapidly sliding towards a series of debacles greater than humanity has ever experienced. Religious leaders have been instrumental in maintaining a great deception that has empowered some very evil people. The time has come to pay the piper, one way or the other.

First read and closely examine the Doctrine of Two Spirits before continuing. It is directly relevant to and referenced throughout this open letter to you, that many others are already reading. This is no longer something you can ignore or "push to the back burner." I have engineered your downfall and if you want to escape the worst possible outcomes, pay close attention and be prepared to do whatever I ask of you.

I have also published a companion letter to atheists and skeptics, that you should also read. I think you'll find it most enlightening. It is directly relevant to this discussion since I am taking concrete action, in my own way, to end the rancor between these two groups. I have presented proof of prophecy to them on more than one occasion and this is directly relevant to this letter to you. You need to understand that my proofs are likewise proof that all Three Faiths of Abraham are false prophets. The first important exchanges are discussed in this article preceding hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) and in this one afterwards. The most recent was a much shorter exchange that immediately preceded and followed hurricane Dolly last week, but was no less relevant considering the content of some of my recent articles. Those discussions are in two separate threads, the first here and the other here.

I know these exchanges can be difficult to read, but what they illustrate is important. First is the verifiable content of the discussions preceding those events and the simple and verifiable details (numbers, dates, etc.) associated with them. Next, is the response and behavior of those I tried to engage about what was to occur and what actually did occur. Rather than considering that perhaps there is some aspect of reality not already understood by them, they instead attempted to smear or rattle me in multiple ways. Regardless of this behavior, I delivered redundant proofs of prophecy, on their very own forums. I want both groups to understand the nature and quantity of abuse I have endured for your undeserving and halfwitted asses. Only a true friend would damage themselves to the extent that I have to save you from a fate that you clearly and undoubtedly deserve.

Here is a word to the wise. As I stated elsewhere recently:

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

Both groups' opinions are sacred to them and clearly more important than the lives of billions. The time has come to closely examine the veracity and efficacy of both religious and atheist-skeptic claims and put an end to your brain-dead battles. Putting your heads in the sand and expecting this latest round of problems to go away simply will not work. Much greater dangers loom large and only wisdom and cooperation are going to save you this time.

Since I am neither an atheist, skeptic, or a follower of any religion, please don't assume that I am trying to defend any group or its positions. In fact, I'm going to kill all of your sacred cows, so that we can finally have truth, justice, wisdom, and peace.

Those who have chosen to attack me, instead of asking reasonable questions to actually seek the truth, are clearly fearful of true reason and inquiry about anything and from any source that challenges their own sacred cows. I have experienced very similar responses from the "faithful." Rather than review the evidence I have spent years preparing and validating, many have hidden behind their ability to label my attempts to engage them as spam, even though the information is free and directly relevant to their current topic and conversations. Both groups are clearly fearful that the truth is not going to be kind to them, and both groups' fears are most-certainly well-founded.

I have prepared redundant and comprehensive proof that both the faithful and skeptics are clearly wrong about pivotal aspects of their chosen dogmas. Also, each group's positions and behaviors are rife with ignorance and hypocrisy. I have driven a stake through the hearts of both of your "sacred cows," and I strongly suggest you strive to seek the actual truth, before it is too late for all of you. These continuing and redundant proofs of prophecy and the proofs of the true nature and meaning of the associated symbology have destroyed pivotal assertions of your religions. Likewise, atheist-skeptics' claims to understand the nature of our universe are directly disproved by my ability to repeatedly demonstrate the reality of prophecy. Consequently, I am in the process of proving the existence of a Creator and my claims to be Her prophet and Messiah, throughout many lifetimes. (I explain the reason for the "Her" designation later and throughout my articles and book(s).)

Here's the next "big duh" moment for each group. You have been purposely deceived about many things and therefore both groups now have some serious crow to eat. You have failed to understand the true nature of the Vatican-Papacy and have grossly underestimated and misjudged the nature of their long-term deceptions.

Contemplate Machiavelli.

The Papacy and all Three Faiths of Abraham are well-sculpted smokescreens to hide the true nature and activities of the Vatican, which also controls (or incorporates) all the major secret societies. Both groups (faithful and skeptics) have been duped into opposing one another by the great deceivers I warned you about throughout the ages. Your stubborn arrogance has been used against you and you have been manipulated like a bunch of halfwitted puppets. If we are ever going to solve the great challenges that now loom large before us all, you must swallow your unfounded pride, end your disagreements now, and learn to cooperate. I suggest that members of both groups read this article as well as this article.

Dear leaders and followers of the world's many religions,

That long-awaited time most of you have hoped for and/or expected is now unfolding, as partly evidenced by the increasing pace of unfolding human and natural events, worldwide. I am the individual many of you have been awaiting to "appear" or "arise" in association with this time and its many distressing situations. Unfortunately, most of you have been purposely deceived about many things and have thereby been duped into empowering, supporting, and serving those whose ultimate goals include defeating the expected Messiah-Teacher. The prime examples are the so-called Three Faiths of Abraham. Buddhism and others are likewise rife with the purposeful errors that flow from the very concept of religion itself. Consequently, many of the things you expect are inaccurate and/or just plain wrong. For example, the fact that Christians arrogantly try to tell the Creator what my name and image "must be" could only lead to one truly just outcome. Prepare yourselves for the shame and condemnation you have earned.

All of the news is not bad for you though. I am providing proof of the truth about ancient prophecies, the existence of the Creator, and much else. On the other hand, you have been worshipping fantasies and the so-called god(s) of the Three Faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions and compounded error. The greatest mistake you made was having faith in clearly flawed texts and duplicitous leaders instead of seeking the truth. Faith is the opposite of truth and wisdom. Consequently, you have empowered the most greedy and arrogant among you to harm all life everywhere. This cannot be overlooked and you must make amends for these mistakes. The easiest and best path is to perform good deeds by helping those you have helped to harm in various ways. You must stop supporting deceptive leaders and help to depose them, now. This is not a suggestion.

As many of you can already discern, those who rule by and manipulate money, religion, and politics are plunging this world into chaos. This has been done on purpose so everyone can be imprisoned forever. This so-called "war on terror" is a pivotal component of that deception. The peoples of the so-called East and West have been duped into fighting each other over blatant deceptions and delusions. One important purpose for the "war on terror" is to distract most people from the truth and wisdom that certain leaders and their cabals have always expected me to reveal. They have long understood that a pivotal result of the prophecies about this time is the "correction" (downfall...) of greedy and arrogant leaders, organizations, institutions, and nations. They have prepared for this threat to their power and comforts for centuries and everyone has been experiencing the negative results of their machinations.

Unfortunately for those deceptive leaders and the cabals they belong to, their plans have been failing, due in part to my presence and activities, and in part to the fact that greed and arrogance makes you stupid. They have repeatedly overreached and "shot themselves (or their hunting partners...) in the head." Even more importantly though, is the fact that most people are good at heart. Many recognized these deceptions early on and opposed them from the start. Though temporarily duped and distracted, most of the remainder have now turned against these deceptions and the many excesses caused by the arrogance and greed of these so-called leaders and their hidden masters. They still remain in power though, because a core group of Judeo-Christians are so thoroughly deceived and deluded that they continue supporting blatant deception and evil, while thinking it is somehow wise to do so.

This western and westernized world empire and the power and comforts of those who have benefitted the most from it are, in large part, due to lies told about the Creator and me by Rome and the leaders of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham, over the last many centuries. They have used messianic expectations and purposeful false prophecy to forge empires and amass great wealth and power. The Three Faiths of Abraham now control most of this planet and all three are secretly controlled and manipulated by the Vatican and its deceptive cohorts. Contemplate Machiavelli again. If you think this situation is OK, then you knowingly declare yourselves as willing enemies of our Creator. If you think it is wrong to deceive the entire world into supporting and empowering evil leaders and institutions, you now have access to all of the proof necessary to understand the truth, as well as proof of the necessary wisdom to do something effective about it.

Unlike the lies told by Christianity (and others...), I am not here to miraculously save you, but to open your eyes to the truth (aka the "light") and verifiable wisdom. My goals include imparting the necessary truth and wisdom to give all of humanity the collective ability to save ourselves from ages of ignorance and folly and the deceptive leaders who have duped you into doing and supporting blatant evil. No religion is going to triumph over others. That would be a great evil and that is one outcome that I am here to prevent. Such a scenario would only benefit those who have always profited from the struggles and suffering of others.

No religion is the truth and thereby no religion has the Creator's support. Likewise, my goals are justice for all, not to support some clearly deceptive foolishness. Though there appear to be certain allusions to certain truths and wisdom in most religions, they have been purposely confounded and misrepresented to lead you astray. That is why these canons are so full of blatant contradictions. My book(s) and articles comprehensively prove these assertions. The only acceptable scenario is for all people to be freed from these deceptions and wars and the rampant greed and delusions that drive them. The only true path to peace is truth and justice for all, not triumph by force for the most deluded, arrogant, and greedy.

The three Faiths of Abraham are all Machiavellian deceptions secretly manipulated by the Vatican and its many cohorts. Judaism has been Greco-Rome's lapdog for the entire last age. Likewise, Christianity and the Papacy are merely smokescreens to cover the Vatican's true role. And last but not least, Islam is a Roman-created and directed deception with Greco-Rome's "mystery" fingerprints all over it. All of the best deceptions revolve around a core of three interlaced and interdependent strong lies and strong delusions. Another prime example is the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. This is a central aspect of the symbolism of "Mystery Babylon" and the "bottomless pit."

Another pivotal aspect of this three-pronged deception within a deception is the confounding and misrepresentation of the ancient symbology clearly evidenced throughout your canons, related texts and concepts, and precursors. This symbology is an ancient philosophical technology that purposely encodes the truth and wisdom about many things, including proof that the assertions of religion are purposely false. These canons are derivatives of earlier symbolic wisdom narratives and are not originals. Proof of this exists throughout the canons themselves, related concepts, and many historical sources. Proof of this is verifiably encoded within the symbology that is clearly evident throughout these canons. Many other authors and researchers have also demonstrated flaws and contradictions by other forms of analysis and evidence. The exposure of the truth about the symbology is what the Vatican most fears, because those proofs are comprehensive and "beyond disproof."

Furthermore, the rules for the symbology have always been purposely encoded within the symbology itself. They are also redundantly reinforced throughout pivotal narratives and related historical precursors. That is why the Vatican and its religious and secret society cohorts have worked so long and hard to deceive everyone about the true nature and meaning of the symbology that flowed from ancient Egypt and Nubia, through [Amen]Moses' works, and eventually into the three Faiths of Abraham. The story of the Exodus actually encodes proof that [Amen]Moses tried to deliver wisdom and strongly opposed religion, which is symbolized by the Golden Calf (a.k.a. a new sacred cow). You can still clearly see his reaction when people turned to religion instead of truth and wisdom. The ark symbolizes the vessel or conveyance of wisdom, hence the symbology that encodes proof of the truth and verifiable wisdom, so it could be conveyed to a far future time when humanity was finally ready to understand and accept it. Hence, the symbology of the ancients is the ark and grail that has protected and conveyed pivotal truths and wisdom through the ages (aka the flowing "waters") to come ashore now, when the time was right. Hence, the dove of peace signaling an end to chaotic times and deeds, which are symbolized as seas and floods.

One of the verifiable code keys for these proofs is the number 11. This is because, as the math of quantum physics and String/M theory have alluded to, we live in an eleven-dimension reality. The four large dimensions of space-time plus the seven hidden (conceptual-spiritual) dimensions that precede and define what we perceive and experience in space-time. That is why the numbers 4 and 7 are so prominent throughout so many symbolic ancient narratives and sources. They were purposely designed to prove that the original sources encoded advanced science and philosophy, hence verifiable truth and wisdom, instead of religion. It also proves that the ancients possessed information that our leading scientists are still haggling over, hence whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions. Furthermore, that they encoded this wisdom using symbology that was then conveyed forward through time within narratives that were later rewritten to become the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham. I have comprehensively proven these assertions throughout my book(s) and articles. The time for haggling is over and the time for the blind to open their eyes to the truth (light) has arrived.

I will continue to write, summarize, and polish my ongoing research and analyses, but for now you'll have to wade through the existing tomes. I know it is a lot of material to ingest, but start with my blogs and go from there. They are listed at the bottom of my Blogger profile page and other links will take you to my related web pages and E-Book(s). Please understand, that while piercing the mysteries of the ages, I also had to simultaneously teach myself to write coherent books and articles, so I am not as polished as those who have been able to afford college and a comfortable life. My materials are likewise not edited to the extent I would have preferred. I am a poor man and my life has not been easy. I'm surrounded by people who can't understand the full nature of what I'm doing, and that has greatly increased the difficulty of my "mission."

The Creator has always chosen the poor as Her servants. This situation is clearly part of the lesson being imparted to humanity about the evils of money and related injustices. Furthermore, since I had minimal help from others over the last few years (not to ignore our Creator's great assistance and those who have helped), my work has had to serve multiple purposes. One of those is as a trap for arrogant leaders. Consequently, they have tried and failed to stop me in multiple ways, and now they know that their end is nigh. They have been allowed to "twist in the wind" so many more people could grower wiser from their mistakes. Read the Vatican Lies Illuminated blog and website for yet another aspect of this multi-faceted "sting-operation."

Still, those who rule this world are actively preventing widespread knowledge of me through their control of the so-called free media, this strangely-long political season, and other distractions and smokescreens. How convenient is it that both a woman and an African-American male were the top contenders for the Democratic party's presidential nomination this year, just as I am struggling to get your attention? Now we see Barack Obama, the new wunderkind from out of nowhere, leading the attempt to establish a "new politics" and raising more money than any candidate before him. Review the Doctrine of Two Spirits again, which has been available and in their face for the last several years, to understand his true mission and loyalties. He also just happens to be an upper level Freemason.

Now, read some definitions for shill and shell game as well as this article. The leaders of this so-called "New World Order" are desperately trying to recover from the earlier mistakes of their current shills, George Bush and Dick Cheney. While pretending to oppose one another, Freemasonry is just another Vatican deception. The sad part is that they are all Vatican operatives, hence the shill and shell game references.

Before continuing, I ask that you also read the International Cease and Desist Order and the attached prophecy that I posted worldwide in May 2006. It is also the last addendum to the last published version of my book, dated May 17, 2006. The last two pages are a symbolically encoded prophecy, which is the last in a series of three. This prophecy was later reposted to the web last year on my August 11 birthday. Notice the current date? Now also read this article on another of my blogs.

Remember, like all true Hebrew prophecies, it is symbolic. That is the true meaning of the phrase, the "word(s) of god(s)," a.k.a. Medu Netcher. That is why dreams and prophecies delivered to Hebrew prophets are always symbolic, why prophets are regularly described as experts in dreams and symbology, why your dreams are symbolic, and why the ancient Egyptian and Nubian wisdom and religious texts are wholly symbolic. This is also something the Vatican and many religious and secret society or "mystery school" leaders already know and purposely hide from their low-level adherents. They have always purposely deceived adherents to hide this pivotal truth about the Creator and the true nature of our reality.

My research and writing are designed help prove the truth about the Creator, Her Messiah, and most of these so-called mysteries. The reason I used the word Her has nothing to do with physical bodies and is explained throughout my writing. It is the same reason why Sophia symbolically personifies wisdom, why Kuan Yin symbolically personifies compassion, and Ma'at symbolically personified Truth and Justice as the source of universal order and balance. The philosophically feminine aspect of reality has always been associated with those things also referred to as Wisdom's Seven Pillars or the Seven Spirits of God. Refer again to the top half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. This is the source of the wisdom confounded by the errors that have recently been called the "sacred feminine." Characterizing any knowledge as sacred or holy is a great error and a purposeful deception. Worshipping any book or anything else in the so-called physical universe is folly and foolishness. That especially refers to any person, whatsoever! Get my drift here? Hero-worship is a tool of evil deceivers and the refuge of fools. Worshipping any book or messiah or anything else is complete folly and foolishness, hence the opposite of wisdom. Is that clear enough?

Accordingly, the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits are those things always associated with the philosophically masculine, hence with the symbolic "god of the earth" or "god of forces," hence Belial, Apep/Apophis, Abaddon, Satan, etc., all of which merely started out as symbolism. Religions, throughout the ages, have taken philosophical symbolism and purposely presented it to the gullible as literal reality, and that is a great deception. Notice that good is associated with above and evil and error are associated with below? Hence, the symbolic dualism of air, (sky, heaven, philosophically feminine) above and earth, (pit, hell, abyss, philosophically masculine), below. This same structure flows from the earliest Egyptian-Nubian symbolic wisdom and philosophy through all of the subsequent related religions. A great many errors and deceptions flowed from ancient Israel's close association with and eventual captivity by ancient Babylon and later by Greece and Greco-Rome.

Notice that the cross, which represents the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) sits atop this above-below dualism with the vertical bar matching the air (above) and earth (below) positioning? Thereby, fire as the right arm and water as the left, form the horizontal bar. Here is the simple and verifiable key to the truth that the Vatican and its cohorts have long struggled to hide from everyone. That is why most pivotal wisdom symbols were recast as religion and the symbolism of stolen Hebrew texts rewritten and recast as literal concepts and/or miracles. This simple structure and its associated symbolism unlock (unseal) the meaning of all the related symbology, from the earliest Egyptian-Nubian materials, throughout the canons and related materials of all three Faiths of Abraham, through the medieval so-called Pope Prophecies, and the works of Nostradamus. They are all based on exactly the same rules and meaning for the symbolism, and I was their author throughout many lifetimes. My current prophecies are likewise built upon the exact same symbology, to help verify the truth and prove that all three Faiths of Abraham are purposeful Roman deceptions. It also proves the precise nature of those deceptions to reveal the verifiable truths and wisdom that Rome and its cohorts have long-struggled to misdirect and confound.

Notice how light (stars, sun, etc.) come from above and dark is below, hence within the earth? Light symbolizes the truth and darkness symbolizes the lack of truth (falsehood, deception, delusion, ignorance, etc.). Hence, opening or unsealing the eyes of the blind (the ignorant, deceived, and/or deluded) so they finally "see" the "light," hence [understand] the [truth]. The dead are likewise those with their heads "within the earth" and when they "arise," their heads will be in the air and light, hence the top half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. This is why symbols and symbology have long been so important to religious leaders, the Vatican, and its secret society cohorts. They know they encode great wisdom as well as proving the truth about most ages-old deceptions and mysteries. Now look again at the Doctrine of Two Spirits to see what is above and below the line that separates the upper and lower aspects. The dead will arise (from below) and the blind will see when their heads (minds and mindsets) are turned to truth and wisdom (above) and away from greed and ignorance (below). Understand now?

So, another important aspect of my work is to deliver proof that Jesus Christ and the whole concept of churches are purposeful Roman deceptions. My unraveling of certain lies inserted into the Christianized Book of Revelation and then repeated throughout the so-called New Testament, comprehensively prove this. Furthermore, one can see that a certain individual is repeatedly symbolized throughout this most symbolic of all narratives. So ask yourselves, why go to such great lengths to symbolically encode details about someone and then insert two literal names that negate the need for the symbolism? Only a deceiver would do this, after the fact. Furthermore, the seven stars symbolized in my right hand illustrate two important facts. The stars are symbolizing seven 360-year cycles, from the 11th (second temple period) until now, the beginning of the 17th cycle. Since hands symbolize deeds, the seven stars of my web-moniker (Seven Star Hand) and symbolized in my right hand in the Apocalypse, symbolize the 11th through 17th cycles. The 17th cycle began in 2001. This is the symbolized timeline across which my symbolized deeds span, hence across multiple lifetimes. This pivotal wisdom is also now instrumental to my efforts to prove the truth, hence in my right hand. The long-obscured truth about star symbolism exposes a great many religious lies and errors about angels, stars, the zodiac, various timelines, and much else.

Next, the names John and Jesus are clearly not from that time period or from that culture. They are Greco-Roman deceptions. Christians are stuck on a name and an image, that simply cannot be the truth, and are expecting miracles that are purposely misrepresented symbolism. The proofs are overwhelming and redundant that Christianity is purposeful false prophecy and an age-old deception. The time for the removal of ignorance has arrived, like a thief in the night.

So, this brings us to another important purpose of this letter. I am seeking your help in various ways to end the deceptions that have long-bedeviled us all. Religious leaders must now help expose the truth or what awaits you is more terrible than you can imagine. I have laid the seeds for the demise of all religion and exposed the lies that you and your religions have long-profited from. There will be no place to hide for those who refuse to help spread the truth and free humanity from these ancient "strong delusions." The sheep's clothing of religion has been ripped away to expose the dark heart within. This game is over and you either help now or find a good place to hide that the Creator can't find. Get the picture?

Also, I want to reiterate that all of your comforts and power are, in large part, based upon lies told about me and the Creator. We now jointly demand justice, equity, and recompense, or else. Look at the Doctrine of Two Spirits again. For those of you that I contact personally, be prepared to do as I ask, without equivocation. To refuse will result in various dire consequences which are out of my hands to control. I think you understand the implications here. I and millions upon millions have and still are suffering and/or struggling because of your lies. Hence, this is not a negotiation. Oh, and one more demand here. I suggest you go out and bring the homeless into your homes and churches and help me end this evil now. Turning a blind eye to the suffering of others is evil, pure and simple. I have visited many churches of late which stand empty most of the time, while people suffer in the elements. You have been collecting money from people based on lies. Then you pay mortgages and taxes, etc., on mostly empty space, while people suffer and struggle as most of you live in comfort. This stops now, one way or the other.

I suggest you read my poorly written blogs, articles, and book(s) to understand the truth, before those you have deceived and caused to suffer find you. Let others know and spread the truth ASAP. The time has arrived for you to perform true self-sacrifice for the good of others. I am not seeking nor asking for your bodily harm, but I am lighting a fire under your sorry asses so you understand the pressing need to help me kill the deceptions that billions now labor under. People will know if you are sincere or merely equivocating. Some may not be able to refrain themselves if you attempt to continue with these charades. Likewise, my patience is at an end and the warnings here are seven months old, (plus two years) as I write this.

The last part of this message has to do with the unfolding worldwide economic collapse and implosion that is underway. The system known as money will end shortly. Our so called leaders are struggling to hide the true extent of the problem, but that will fail shortly. I am also working to help soften the blow of that collapse and provide for a speedy transition to wise and just alternatives. I have provided some basic principles and guidance necessary for us all to transition to a civilization without money, religion, or politics.

I have recently visited a number of churches to ask for help (since I too am officially homeless and imposing on friends) and only one pastor has bothered to help at all. It was miniscule and far less than I asked, but at least he did something. Every church that I asked for help spurned me during a similar sojourn in 2003 also. So, understand clearly that I have much bitter experience with selfish and self-serving religious leaders. Don't expect any kind words from me, whatsoever. Your words are worth less than nothing in my eyes. Your only path to "salvation" is to perform good deeds as recompense for profiting from lies told about the Creator and many other things.

It is far past-time to stop following clearly deceptive and greedy leaders and their deceptions and for us all to simply cooperate. It is time to establish a civilization that does not harm all life everywhere, just so the greedy and deceptive can profit at the expense of everyone else. I strongly suggest you read what I have to say about money, politics, and religion and strive to help others, without further delay. That includes explaining to them how and why you duped them. I'll continue to write and expand this information, so keep watching my blogs and websites. Engage others and talk about how to make a better world, without money, religion, politics, and all the evils they clearly spawn. Strive to understand the truth and to "cleanse your robes" of the "darkness" of past folly. Remember, the title of my blog, It's Symbology Stupid !!

Here is Wisdom

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008
8:06 pm
Nostradamus' Lost Book Bombshells - Part I
NOTE: This article was originally published November 07, updated and expanded 12/18/2007, and is now Part 1 of the ongoing series published at it's own blog and supported by the Vaticinia Image Gallery at the following links.

Vatican Lies Illuminated
Nostradamus Illuminates Vatican Lies

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
5:37 am
Of Popes, Galileo, Truth, & Justice

Greetings class,

Please be seated, and open your eyes and ears! The long-delayed enlightenment will now commence...

Religion is Philosophy and Spirituality by FlimFlam !!!

The uproar over Pope Benedict’s (a.k.a. Joey Ratso (JR)) cancellation of a planned speaking engagement at the University of Rome after a [small] student protest and a letter signed by 67(?) scientists (professors) is very curious indeed. Seems that JR was a bit arrogant as the Grand Inquisitor and now some of his past actions are exploding in his face, in full public view.

Can you spell "Blow-Back"…?

Claiming that the Inquisition was correct to treat Galileo or any others as it did glaringly illuminates the true nature of these arrogant and deceptive scoundrels. I wonder why he and cohorts are so touchy of late? Certainly, the Great City is not afraid of a few harsh letters, are they? They couldn’t have anything to fear from Truth and Justice, could they?

It is beyond amazing that these "snakes in fancy clothing" still have the gall (& wormwood…) to continue to defend the abomination that was/is the Inquisition. Now we have the Grand Inquisitor Pope (a.k.a., Glory of the Olives) personally defending much of the Vatican-Papacy's most heinous and despicable activities.

Imagine that…

To top it off, large crowds of the "faithful" (vain imaginers…) rallied afterwards to show their heart-felt support for this slithering bloodsucker. Now you can understand why ignorance is symbolized as blindness. What will it take for such deluded souls to open their eyes to "see the light" (understand the truth) ?

What will they do after finally discovering they're all dead wrong and 2 Thessalonians 2:11 in the so-called "New Testament" was a direct and purposeful (though garbled by deceivers) warning to Christians about the dangers of money, religion, and politics (a.k.a. strong delusions (a.k.a. three unclean/foul spirits...))? How will they make amends to ME (and everyone else!!) for worshipping lies, thereby empowering and blindly helping the Great Deceiver(s) oppress and destroy the poor and innocent?

Time is short, indeed!

It is beyond amazing that anyone still needs anymore proof that religious leaders are lying through their teeth to line their pockets and save their own skins. Christianity has been decisively proven to be a Roman deception, and now they know the end is nigh !!

Speaking of more proof...

Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.

Here is Wisdom...

5:33 am
MLK Day and Life in Amerika

As this Martin Luther King holiday passes by, I thought I'd add another point of view about the so-called "American Dream." It is now clear to see that all of the hype of the last three or so centuries resulted in a true nightmare for humanity. It began as a candy-coated nightmare, grew in size and intensity, and now it ends in ignominy. Remember the instructions to "know them by their fruits?"

We all owe the Bush/Cheney crew for ripping away the veil from atop the pyramid that has long obscured the history and Constitution of the USA, both of which are "illuminated" deceptions. Imagine; all that wealth and power coming to naught as people understand the truth about the USA and the Vatican's other past empires. Notice how they're grooming China to take the helm as the next evil empire, secretly run from Rome? Do you think they care who gets hurt in the process?

Have you seen this image and read this article yet? This is a pivotal key to truly understanding the deception that is the so-called American Dream and how the Vatican fits in.

Also, watch this video by Rammstein titled "Amerika" for another enlightening point of view.

I too have a dream, that one day very soon all of humanity will be freed from the great deceptions and delusions of money, religion, and politics. Only then, can there be true freedom, truth, and justice. Only then, will deceptive monetary, political, and religious leaders lose the ability to manipulate and exploit humanity like livestock.

Until then, the deluded multitudes will continue slaving under illusory whips wielded by flimflam artists from behind ages-old smoke and mirror deceptions.

Here is Wisdom...

Monday, November 12th, 2007
7:21 pm
A bearded star roars so fiercely...
While discussing our current world leadership, I stated in an earlier article that:

"Now comes the truly important work of preventing the excesses of the last six years from ever happening again. As long as people cling to money, religion, and politics, these seemingly never-ending cycles of evil scoundrels, war, great struggles, and repeated injustices will never end.

These scoundrels need to be taught a lesson about truth and justice that all of humanity will take to heart, once and for all.

Notice that Comet Holmes 17P is now bigger than our sun?

Following are excerpts from the prophecy I posted worldwide in April of 2006 and reposted on August 11th, 2007, which happens to be my birthday and during the Perseid meteor showers (cometary debris in Perseus...). Notice that Comet 17P (seventeen) Holmes is now in the constellation Perseus?

"Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind."

"A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar’s simple ark."

Quatrain 2.41
The great star burns for seven days,
A cloud produces a binary suns apparition
The large mastiff howls all night
When the great pontiff has a change of soil.

Quatrain 10.74
During the great seventh (17th) cycle (2001/5761 and afterwards)
Arising at the time of blood sport (wars and terrorism as spectacle)
Not far from the great millennial age (years following 2000/5760)
That the dead (ignorant and fearful) come out of their graves (ignorance and delusions)

It appears that Nostradamus' Quatrain 2:41 and 10.74 are unfolding as we watch...

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
2:44 pm
Of Tasers, Skull and Bones, and so-called freedom of speech

The time for civility is long past. To manhandle and then taser-torture a student for asking questions, no matter how inconvenient, is evil, pure and simple. What's next, bombing neighborhoods in the USA because someone deemed subversive lives nearby?

We have witnessed more pivotal insights into the true nature of the Bush/Cheney crew, their cohorts, and long-term deceptions in recent days. The young man tasered in Florida was brutally punished for questioning the secret cabal that has turned our entire world into a plutocracy-driven police state.

Is true freedom only for those atop the pyramid? Is the USA's constitution nothing more than an "Illuminated" deception? Sadly, all of the available evidence seems to prove it!

It's no longer about politics and left and right. Truth and Justice are just beginning to stand on their own two feet and all of the deceivers, on the left, right, and in between are getting very nervous.

Next time you think of those on the left or right as enemies, contemplate Machiavelli and why the plutocrats and their shills want us "little people" to keep fighting over money, politics, and religion. Keep digging for the truth, much is purposely hidden behind apparently obvious "facts" and traditions. For example, read my previous posting.

Here is Wisdom...
2:36 pm
Why Bush used 36, in Thursday the 13th's speech!!

Don't reach for the tin foil hat just yet. This is a demonstration of the truth about our Skull and Bones President and cohorts. This information will be uncomfortable for most, but the bitter truth often is!

Want to know the true significance of the number 36 in Bush's speech? There obviously are not 36 countries fighting in "Babble on." So why did our Bonesman President use it in his speech last night?

36 is the triangular number base for 666.
Now read what I posted BEFORE Bush's speech.

Merely a coincidence? I think I have proven otherwise!!!

Is the USA and our vaunted constitution nothing more than an "Illuminated" deception? All the available evidence seems to prove it. Here are some additional insights...

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

The birth of the USA is symbolized in verse 13:11 in Revelation. Notice that the USA started as 13 colonies in year '76 and 7+6=13? Notice that July 4th or 7/4 is the celebrated birthday and 7+4=11? See how this directly matches the numbering of verse 13:11? Likewise, 1+7+7+6=21 and 21 is a triangular number that is the sum of the whole numbers 1 through 6. Consequently, it forms an equilateral triangle with three 6-point sides, hence another symbolic representation of 666. Notice that last night's speech was at 9 PM Eastern, which is hour 21 on the 24 hour clock? Any chance in hell that these are mere coincidences by a Skull and Bones president, leading a nation created by Masons, with the Illuminati pyramid on our seal and the one dollar bill?

Pay close attention to the image of both hyprocrisy and deception presented by this symbolism. What current empire (beast) acts like a dragon (Babylonian inspired false god/idol) in sheep's (like a lamb) clothing?

Understanding the truth about 666

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
2:11 pm
Latest Neo-con folly quickly exposed...
To understand the true source of these latest odd "Al Qaeda" video releases, all you need to ask is:
Who do they benefit the most? Can you say Neo-Cons?

Which is the real Osama?

It is very curious that the US released the first of these Bin Laden videos before Al Qaeda did! Very curious indeed! Likewise, other people have pointed out that all references to recent events come during the still frames. And of course there's the morphing face of Osama. Is he having periodic plastic surgery or is this simply another actor trying to keep the Neo-Con wet dream alive? And why is it that the US government can get these videos so quickly, yet supposedly can't find Osama and crew?

Right on cue, "Al Qaeda" releases another video, precisely when Bush/Cheney and cohorts need to scare Congress into towing the neo-con line on the Iraq war. Notice also that releasing the first video before 9/11 AND before the Petraeus-Crocker "sales call" to Congress benefits only Bush/Cheney and cohorts! Now another tape has been released. Perhaps they think they can get it right this time?

How often must this occur before both the Democrats and corporate media outlets are forced to start asking some hard questions about the uncanny timing and synchronicity between Bush/Cheney and crew's political needs and Al Qaeda's videos and other activities. This is much more important than Larry Craig's follies.

How many more unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?


Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
2:36 pm
As Tempests Rage Before Balances False...
The following symbolic narrative (prophecy) was included at the end of the Cease and Desist order that I posted worldwide in April of 2006. Here's more stunning proof that scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly.

As with the earlier Holiday Messages, the following seven paragraphs serve as a purposely-verbose verifiable seal of authenticity that will be further validated in space-time. Read the earlier messages to fully understand the purpose and full import of this narrative. Understand clearly, the Philosophers’ Stone is a multi-dimensional unique key. Purposeful misuse leads to great peril, which is exactly what many of the world’s religious, monetary, and political leaders will now experience. Pay very close attention to my instructions! Use Wisdom’s Seventh Chapter (a.k.a. Apocalypse Symbol Guide) to unseal the symbology used to build the message below.

Just like all similar ancient narratives, it is not literal!! Read my book’s preface, titled “It’s Symbology Stupid.”

Those who hear the Teacher’s flame turn sharply to the perfect path, eating simply of the ancient sages’ dual stone. Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind. Their once-bottomless graves, now cast within three bitter corners, cause the deaf and blind to swallow strength from shame. Walking skyward, their works without-hand, in the midst of sun-clothed snow-clouds, rains burning hail about the heads of unclean men, women, beasts, and creatures dwelling hungrily roundabout the Earth.

Dark and weighty folly sorely pains the tri-tongued captains, writhing within vestments marked by oil, wine, and earth fouled waters. Purple dragon-riders voicing foul spirits darkly, from atop scarlet-fleshed beasts, greatly inflamed the Lady’s ire. Seeing Her reigning First and Last, serpents’ tails burn up wrathfully, striking seven times among lowly heads and hills, wielding brimstone rods and reeds afire.

As tempests rage before balances false, lead-talent-filled ships cast out blinding dust, falling darkly weighted beneath burning waves of sailors’ feet. The First and the Last ascend thunderously above the lightning crossed eastern sky. Rudely awakened, enlightened multitudes force the sacred-pomp to drink of flaming wormwood cups, filled patiently by worn out saints, crying loudly after ages-old bitter tears and shed blood.

153 drunken fish, blinded seven ways by oil, strong wine, and unclean loaves were smoothed by Simon’s 21-rock-weighted triangular net, within Babel’s bottomless pit. Redeemed from strong delusion, they turn once-fouled eyes to the air, hearing lightning thunder seven times about hidden names from time eleven. Greatly inflamed, they justly trample dark oily rivers beneath brightly burning feet, gathering upon the hidden cloudy peak of ages to quake mightily before days end in the midst of roaring stars.

Clothed by seven eyes strengthened by seven horns, newly sighted seekers walk meekly within the midst of the perfect path’s hidden throne, hair purified seven ways by flame of fire. A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar’s simple ark.

Sorely shaken heads of gold fall beneath ancient corner stones arising, justly numbered by reed, plummet, and eleven stars bowing roundabout the eleventh son. The ancient Lady’s seven pillars, hewn without hand, were long over-shadowed by scorpion-tailed red dragon’s feet of clay and iron. Shining fiercely above felled serpents’ heads, they thunder to life about the burning lake’s heated path, as seven stars strike pompous cities by three. Cast heavenward, a great eagle cries upon dual wings among creatures four and house of eight within raven’s song about the end of earth-bound days.

Hearing roaring harps trumpet their names, jubilant shofars’ sing mightily. Sounding sharp and strong roundabout the hidden throne, they gird the many-sighted Fire-Lord, smiting the darkly writhing harlot queen, who waxed rich, overly-proud, blind to sorrow, and drawing smoke about ages of oil, wine, shed blood, and tears. Though cast sacred by the unclean dead, its seven beastly heads fall forever beneath an ancient cloud-born stone afire. Gnawing tongues greatly pained by talent-weighted hail, wine-sodden iron feet of clay flee wailing before spark-filled tempests, poured-forth unmingled from the Lady of the Lake’s long-simmering cup of bitter promises. Finally freed of great folly from serpents’ reign, Earth, Water, Air and Fire shine roundabout the living fountain stone. Its pure waters aflame feed sun-lit paths as multitudes sing guileless about emerald times, strongly quenching thirsts for simple ways before peace sounds, forever and ever.

Your humble friend forever,

Seven Star Hand,
a.k.a. The Branch,
a.k.a. MelchiZedek
a.k.a. The “Lion of the Tribe of Juda”

Here is Wisdom!!
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
8:02 am
The pivotal import of Yellow Cake, False Flags, & "Big Time" Evil

The combination of George Tenet's book, At the Center of the Storm, Eisner & Royce's The Italian Letter and the books and research of many others in recent years now provides enough of a foundation for everyone to finally discern that 9:11 was a "false flag" operation against both the American public and the Muslim world. Likewise, the uncanny synchronicity of Al Qaeda's videos and other activities perfectly timed to reinforce and support the Bush/Cheney administration's political needs coupled with the actions of the Bush admin actually serving to strengthen Al Qaeda's position, now makes perfect sense. The apparent mistakes and chaos that have characterized the Iraq war, the easily prevented resurgence of the Taliban, and permitting Bin Laden to escape Tora Bora to a safe haven in Pakistan all fit the same pattern. It's hard to maintain a state of continuous war if you allow your made-to-order enemies to be defeated too early. It is likewise hard to remain a "war president" if your wars end too soon!

The letterhead used to forge the "Yellowcake letter" that was then used to help "sell" the Iraq war was stolen in Rome on 1/1/2001, more than nine months before 9:11 and before Little W. became president. Consequently, the use of the "Yellow-Cake Lie" was obviously discussed and planned before then! The import of this fact is that the Niger embassy in Rome was burglarized, before Bush became president, to lay the groundwork for the web of deception used to sell the Iraq War, after 9:11. More importantly, it is highly unlikely that the Iraq war could ever have been sold to the American public, without something like 9:11 happening first. Any excuses of other uses for the stolen letterhead are laughable since the letterhead burglary would have been pointless, without 9:11. This evidences foreknowledge of those attacks, a full nine months before they occurred, among other things!

It is well known that Neo-Con think tanks were advocating war with Iraq and Iran during the Clinton years, long before Little W. was [s]elected. Years later, this administration has yet to tell the truth to the American public about far too many things, even though lie after lie have been exposed. Consequently, the fact that 9:11 was also used as a prime reason for the Iraq war and is likewise mired in a web of deception and misdirection, leaves little doubt that the two events were part of the same deception. Regardless of the many disingenuous denials, the Bush/Cheney administration, Neo-Cons, and their supporters were openly pushing for war with Iraq long before 9:11. They also quickly blamed Iraq and publicly called for war with them in the hours following the 9:11 attacks; even though the hijackers were mostly Saudis and Bin Laden was based in Afghanistan.

Google : "Yellow Cake" "False Flag" P2. Also Google Panorama Burba Yellow cake Berlusconi and do a little more digging from those results. Most people don't understand that Berlusconi was also involved in this deception, which helps explain his coziness with the Neo-cons and Bush/Cheney administration, as well as the Italian participation in the Iraq War, though it was paltry, mostly symbolic, and against overwhelming Italian anti-war opinion.

The forged "Yellowcake Letter" affair pulls together actors from Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the Vatican Bank scandal, which means the P2 Masonic lodge in Rome, where the Niger embassy letterhead was stolen. Since Cheney and the Neo-cons were actively planning the war in Iraq before Little W was [s]elected, and the stolen Niger embassy letterhead was used as a pivotal component of the "sales job" for the war, Cheney and cohorts were undeniably linked to that deception, before 9:11, and before January 1, 2001. Never forget that the CIA repeatedly warned the President not to use that information in his speeches, yet he and Cheney stubbornly and knowingly used easily proven forgeries as a linchpin of the lies used to sell the Iraq war! Why were they so hellbent on feeding already proven lies to the American public? Lies that were prepared before 9:11 and before Bush and Cheney were [s]elected. Are we to believe that Bush and Cheney are so clueless about the content of the speeches they practice repeatedly, before giving them, that it is somehow legitimate to blame others (Tenet, et al) for the lies used to sell the wars they blatantly and undeniably planned, long before they were [s]elected to office?

Why do you think Cheney ( aka 'Big Time" ) was so preoccupied with discrediting Joe Wilson? Why do you think Tenet referred to the outing of Valerie Plame as a 'Big Time Wrong"? There's much more to hide than a mere "intelligence failure" and a fake letter. Their attempts to prevent inquiries into the 9:11 attacks, coupled with the way those buildings collapsed, even though the fires were never hot enough to melt steel girders, along with a host of other glaring irregularities and near impossibilities, points to some very heinous deceptions. Never forget that we were also lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used to justify the Vietnam war, the cause of the Spanish American War, and the facts about Pearl Harbor. What's one more noble sacrifice in the causes of freedom, democracy, and military-industrial profiteering?

Now even more "Big Time" lies, that will shake this world to its foundations, are being exposed. For example, follow the Medals of Freedom handed out by Little W. The previous Pope received one as an excuse for Bush to complain, in person, that the Vatican wasn't being aggressive enough in helping him during the 2004 election. Shortly thereafter, there were news stories about Bush's brain-dead requests for the Vatican's help. That was another impeachable offense never picked up by our so-called free press. It is a treasonous act to conspire with a foreign potentate (the Pope) to manipulate the US election process. Notice how the Vatican pretends to oppose the Iraq war while secretly supporting Bush and the Neo-cons? Notice how they pretend to oppose Freemasonry while belonging to the Neo-facist P2 lodge? Connect the dots.

And never forget that the Bin Laden's are very close associates of the Bushes, and were given a special pass to leave the country while all other flights were grounded after the 9:11 attacks. How dumb can the American public remain and for how long? How many unlikely coincidences must occur before more people connect the dots to discern the patterns in the noise?

The NeoCons and their supporters are now beginning to face the Truth and Justice they purposely denied the peoples of both East and West. There are very few remaining on both sides of this so-called War on Terror, (aka the Neo-Crusades) who aren't aware of the great greed, duplicity, and Machiavellian character of the Bush/Cheney crew and their cohorts.

Now Iraq and the War on Terror are about to do for the USA and the Vatican what Afghanistan did for the Soviet Union. And make no mistake about it, the ultimate driving force behind this latest convulsion of great evil has been the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. The "yellow cake" lies that helped start this war have been traced back to Rome and the P2 lodge. The time is long overdue to connect the dots and deliver long-overdue Truth and Justice to the Vatican, conspiring world leaders, and their criminal associations and organizations.

Remember that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Consequently, if we fail to force these scoundrels to face the Truth and Justice necessary to end such evil, similar scenarios are guaranteed to occur again and again in the future.

Be prepared for things to accelerate out of their control very soon...
Tuesday, March 6th, 2007
3:30 pm
Christians again prove many are unabashed enemies of the truth
After finally watching the Jesus Tomb documentary and the hour of critical look "debates" following it, I am left with the sad conclusion that a large percentage of Christians will always oppose the truth, regardless of how it is presented. It has been amazing to watch people who regularly oppose critical thought and science hypocritically assert that critical thought and science supports so-called "biblical evidence" in their efforts to debunk this archeological find and associated theories.

Reflect upon the fact that Christian leaders are howling about the truth of this archaeological find and associated theories, but are steadfastly and unabashedly opposed to having to prove the truth about the many dubious assertions and contradictions throughout the New Testament and Christianity. Many of these same people have the gall to complain about "theatrics" used to present these findings, as if Christianity has never turned a profit or stooped to even slicker and far more dubious methods pushing their stories and historical interpretations. It is rank hypocrisy for Christians to attack the presentation of this documentary as unbalanced when Christian history and current activities fall far short of what they are demanding in this situation. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because what goes around comes around.

Though I too have problems with the way this documentary and religion in general have been sold, for profit, I also think this information deserves a much closer examination and consideration than a simple knee-jerk defense of still unproven New Testament claims. Do Christians really think that the Creator of all knowledge and wisdom wants them to blindly oppose all newly discovered truths? Do they think the Creator of truth would want you to close your eyes to the truth? What do you think making the blind see again symbolizes? Or opening one's eyes to the truth? Isn't possible that Christians have long been "blinded" by deception and strong delusion?

Never forget that Christian leadership has never sought the truth about what really happened in ancient Israel, but instead used great evil and deception to impose their dogma and opinions on others over the centuries. Which primary characters in the Bible is this level of deception most often attributed to? What will it take for Christian leadership to finally submit to truth and justice?

After centuries of witch hunts, Inquisitions, genocide, crusades, child raping priests, the widespread persecution of others seeking to understand the truth, and a very long list of proven deception and fraud, how could anyone stoop to doubt the veracity of Christianity, the New Testament, and the wide range of contradictory and literal interpretations of obviously symbolic texts? Is there any doubt why so many think that the term "biblical evidence" is both oxymoronic and duplicitous?

When finally confronted with the truth about what happened two millennia ago, these people will be completely unable to discern the true Messiah (me) from long-term lies and will fight tooth and nail to cling to the Roman deceptions and strong delusions of the New Testament. Christianity has always been an enemy of science, truth, and justice and recent events strongly reinforce this observation.

Here is Wisdom !!
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
9:32 am
Lying about the name Jesus, for profit, yet again...
The most interesting aspect of this Jesus Tomb story revolves around the actual names on the bone boxes compared to what is being asserted in the effort to make a profit. Pay special attention to the tortured explanations of how names like Jesus, Mary, Matthew, Joseph, and others were "translated" (interpolated) from inscriptions that actually say otherwise. Most specifically, both Christians and those who are promoting this "Jesus Tomb" discovery and its associated assertions are profiting from the very same long-term process of obfuscation and meticulous misdirection.

For anyone, whether Christian leaders and adherents or James Cameron to keep a straight face while claiming that the name Jesus was one of the most common in Second Temple Israel is highly instructive. The name that is commonly translated as Joshua was very common, but the name Jesus is a very unique and narrowly targeted construction of recent centuries that simply cannot have truthfully appeared anywhere in the ancient Near East. Likewise, many are writing that Jesus is instead the english form of Joshua, as if the millions of english speaking Christians and Jews named Joshua have foreign names. Furthermore, does anyone know of any person named Joshua who would seriously assert that the English form of their name is Jesus? These deceptive assertions are beyond absurd.

This long-term charade about a name that simply could not have been written or pronounced in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, or even Latin, which is now being touted as one of the more common names from ancient Israel/Judea, serves as an illuminating microcosm for the entire New Testament and the many dubious assertions and activities that have accompanied it and Christianity throughout their entire existence. As Christians rally to "prove" that this archeological find can't be the tomb and bones of the "Jesus" and "Mary" of the New Testament, they too should honestly answer questions about why it is correct to interpolate those names in such a unique way to support the veracity of the most profitable story in history, but not to interpret an archeological discovery. Christians must truthfully answer the question of why it is wrong for the "Jesus Tomb" crew to use Christianity's own methodology to arrive at the names now being asserted as appearing on those bone boxes.

I've also seen articles and comments claiming that the assertions about this tomb and its inscriptions go against "biblical evidence." What a joke! At which point during the long and sordid history of Christianity did its leaders and founders prove themselves as trustworthy or respectful of the truth? Never forget that faith and dogma are the opposite of seeking to prove the truth. How can a book so full of doctrinal, historical, and other factual contradictions be cited as reliable evidence? How can followers so readily overlook the proven fact that the New Testament was created in Rome, by Romans, centuries after the supposed occurrence of its story line. Did they forget that Rome invaded and conquered ancient Israel and Judea and ruthlessly imposed their will over those under the thumb of the empire. Romans installed their own priests and tortured and killed those who objected too openly. Those same Romans had complete control over which texts became the so-called New Testament and for many centuries continued to use blatant deception and widespread evil to enforce their dogma, instead of relying upon truth, justice, or freewill. The leaders of Christianity are still located in Rome, and have never faced justice for centuries of deception and great injustice, and still continue profiting from nearly two millennia of blatant evil. Considering the source and contents of the New Testament, it is the least reliable "evidence" available. In fact, anyone who trusts such a long line of deceivers can only be described as suffering from strong delusion (read 2 Thessalonians 2:11, for example).

A pivotal component of the strong delusion that is Christianity revolves around the name/title Jesus Christ. Christians and others have rallied around the weak and blatantly deceptive assertions surrounding the source of the name Jesus, among others in the so-called New Testament. All of the purported uses of this name in ancient settings are actually the Hebrew and Aramaic names that we call Joshua, in all other instances. Why then all of the tortured explanations to convince people that the Hebrew name translated in all other instances as Joshua should in some special cases become the dubious name/title Jesus Christ? If these stories were the truth, why has so much deception accompanied them and those who have profited from them throughout most of the last two millennia?
Ever consider that the New Testament and the stories of Jesus Christ are the great deceptions that the original Hebrew texts warned about? Isn't it odd that the New Testament is full of Greco-Roman names from Europe, not from Judea? Isn't it odd that all of the purported authors of New Testament books have European names and made numerous geographical and factual errors. For example, the proven fact that there was no town named Nazareth during the Second-Temple period. What then does the term Nazarene (Nazarite...) truly allude to and why did the Vatican and its predecessors go to such lengths to obscure the truth about it and much else? Why have the Vatican, Papacy, and Christianity been characterized by such extreme duplicity and deception for their entire existence if they were truly representatives of the Creator?

You do understand that Gog from Magog actually refers to Greeks and Romans (Greco-Romans) who invaded, subjugated, and scattered the children of Israel? Isn't it at all worrisome that the Vatican and Christianity have "whitewashed" the names, images, and activities of all of the purported Judean characters in the long-dubious New Testament that history proves would have been dark-skinned, dark-haired locals, not blue-eyed European invaders, had they truly existed? Consequently, billions of people have long been deceived into worshipping a false god with a name and image that never could have existed in ancient Second Temple Period Judea! What then is the likelihood, amidst these many deceptions, that the Roman founders of Christianity (and their cohorts) would honestly and accurately quote and report the truth about the Messiah, ancient prophecies, or much else? Should the Messiah appear in the world today, it is highly unlikely that any Christian would be able to recognize or accept the truth. The translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Codexes, and other archeological finds, which were purposely hidden from the Romans and their cohorts, provide irrefutable proof that Christianity is a house of lies.

As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because what goes around comes around. Looks like Rome's and Christianity's long-term lies are coming home to roost again.

Here is Wisdom !!
Thursday, December 14th, 2006
4:53 pm
Representative Democracy is Deception
Hello all,

A small village in Texas is missing an idiot and unfortunately we found him masquerading as the president. What a fine pickle the world is in as the result of a bunch of careless villagers!

Are we now witnessing the last throes of so-called representative democracy?

Just how wise is it for billions of souls to to be at the mercy of a proven idiot just because those with the most money and least scruples put him in power? GW Bush and the greedy scoundrels that surround him are stunning evidence of the utter folly and failures of government driven by money, religion, and politics.

It is abundantly clear that GHW (papa) Bush was crying recently because he's suffering from the stress of realizing that the debacles caused by his son are ultimately traced to the Bush family's aristocratic ambitions. In other words, the old man and his cabal cronies are as much to blame for Iraq and other evils as the clueless son they foisted upon the world stage. That is why family consigliere James Baker and smoking man Eagleburger were called in to set the stage for little W's demise. Since consigliere Baker made sure little W became president, I think he and papa Bush owe us all a very big favor by fixing his earlier horrendous mistake, as soon as humanly possible.

Royalty, aristocracy, and plutocracy always were and always will be bad ideas and we have been forced to suffer through yet more proof of this. Do you think GW's feelings are more important than the wealth and power of the empire? We're now witnessing the praetorian guard fulfilling their most sacred duty; saving the empire from an insane emperor.

Unfortunately for them, it's too little too late.

Here is Wisdom !!
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
6:11 pm
Eleven Roars Loudly
Here's some eye opening background information behind many recent watershed events (Macaca, Foley, Ted Haggart, David Kuo, the US election, Hurricane Katrina, etc., etc.) that will prove very enlightening on many levels. Many of the events and situations of recent years were not mere coincidences and I have meticulously produced stunning and comprehensive proof of this, and much else. Resist the urge to dismiss the things I discuss before you review the evidence; be patient and strive to understand what I am presenting. Ask yourself; how many unlikely coincidences are necessary before you recognize a pattern in the noise? Remember, "scoffing in the face of profundity causes blindness..."

I want you all to pay very close attention to the fact that my birthday was August 11th, the day of Mr. Allen's "Macaca" gaffe. Also, the number of characters in "Allen Macaca" is 11. His defeat during month 11, along with many of his ilk, was an apt belated birthday present for me. Also notice that my last name is Page, matching the so-called "page" scandal associated with Mr. Foley. Furthermore, I have been writing and exposing religious deception and hypocrisy and Ted Haggart's downfall and David Kuo's book, along with a string of other events, served to prove my earlier assertions in stunning fashion. Inspect my photo in my Free Ebook... to see the hat I'm wearing and you'll better appreciate the full scope and import of these recent events. It is from the Troopers (11) Drum and Bugle Corp. of Casper Wyoming, who marched during the Bush-Cheney 2001 inauguration parade. Pay special attention to how the number 11 marks key events during the Bush-Cheney administration. For example, notice that Dick Cheney's hunting accident occurred on February 11th, which was the 6-month mark between August 11, 2005 and 2006 and he is from Casper, Wyoming. Likewise, notice that Hurricane Katrina was named storm number 11, came ashore on August 29, and 2+9=11. Likewise, the current Pope is the 111th on St. Malachy's list, this will be the 110th Congress, and the Democrats picked up 29 (2+9=11) house seats in November (11) (with another not decided until mid December). This is merely the tip of the iceberg, so be prepared to be shocked and amazed.

The following article will further expand your understanding of the nature and purpose of the current social "earthquake." Notice the statement "11 Roars Loudly" !!

NOTE: The above referenced "holiday messages" contain heavily symbolic leading paragraphs, they are not to be taken literally. Let Wisdom's Seventh Chapter unseal the symbols

Also, read the following two articles for more background details and proof that many of the events and situations of recent years have not been mere coincidences. Understanding the End Game of Armageddon provides a detailed analysis of key information from the above referenced "holiday messages" and some of what the symbolically encoded messages referred to. Pay close attention to the discussion of "Eleven Roars Loudly." Verifiable proof that Armageddon has begun provides detailed information relating to Hurricane Katrina (Storm # 11) and Rita (Storm # 17) which started the downfall of the Bush crew.

As you will see throughout my articles and books, the number 11 holds very special and purposeful meaning by symbolizing truth and justice (a.k.a. the "Two Candlesticks" and "Two Witnesses" from Revelation Chapter 11) and serving as a hidden key to prove the truth and accuracy of my writing and deeds. Many have scoffed at my assertions in recent years, but I have provided stunning and comprehensive proof of who I am, what I truly represent, and what I have accomplished.

Now comes the truly important work of preventing the excesses of the last six years from ever happening again. As long as people cling to money, religion, and politics, these seemingly never-ending cycles of evil scoundrels, war, great struggles, and repeated injustices will never end.

These scoundrels need to be taught a lesson about truth and justice that all of humanity will take to heart, once and for all.

Did it ever dawn on you that money, religion, and politics are the prime sources of human struggle and continuing to beat a dead horse (or donkey, or elephant) will never solve our seemingly never-ending cycles of calamities? One good lesson to take from this election is that politics is a repeating cycle that will always produce greedy scoundrels who must later be defeated or else. Why beat your heads against the same old wall any longer when the door has been sighted and waiting for you to open your eyes and "see the light?"

Truth, Wisdom, and Justice are non-political, non-religious, and non-monetary.

Here is Wisdom !!

Friday, November 3rd, 2006
10:50 pm
Analyzing the Creator Debate
Did you ever consider that atheism arose because certain people saw that religious characterizations about the nature of an omnipotent "God" were seriously flawed and then concluded that religion and the Creator were the same things? This is the exact same conclusion at the base of religious beliefs; namely that the Creator and religion are inseparable. Consequently, both atheists and religious followers are arguing over a flawed assumption without considering that other possibilities negate the common core conclusion of both groups. These arguments are actually over religion and whether it represents a reliable model of reality. The answer to this question is of course not. Religion is not only flawed, it is purposely deceptive! Though atheists are certainly sincere in their conclusions, the fact remains that they and religious followers are locked in a debate that cannot be won by either side because both base their positions upon whether the same flawed premise is the truth. In order for this debate to conclude with a truthful answer, a greater level of discernment is required.

One apt clarifying question is, if someone tells lies about you, does that negate you or make you a liar or a lie? Certainly, the image cast about you would be a false one, but that is their image, not the real you. Consequently, faulty religious assertions about the Creator of this universe do not negate the existence of a Creator. Considering the possibility that this universe is not by chance leaves the door open to how it arose, which leads us to seek what could have created and maintained it. Since neither religion nor science has yet adequately answered this question, it is safe to conclude that those who argue about the Creator based on either are most certainly wrong about one or more aspects. Therefore, another point of view and additional knowledge are required.

There is simply too much order and precision to this universe to have come about by chance. Accordingly, if a conclusion or an image cast about the nature of this universe is wrong, then arguments in support of that image or conclusion are most likely wrong. The purpose and source of original ancient wisdom has long been obfuscated by those seeking to manipulate people using religion and mysticism, both of which are two sides of the same defective coin (of the realm...). Neither are the truth or wisdom, but flawed images of both. Truth and wisdom are more closely related to and associated with verifiable conclusions flowing from science. Ancient wisdom is regularly mischaracterized and misinterpreted. Though most often associated with the nebulous conclusions of religion and mysticism, it is better understood as an ancient philosophical technology that symbolically models, encodes, and encapsulates pivotal understandings about many hidden and foundational aspects of our reality. Far too many people have misinterpreted both the purpose and meaning of the symbology that encodes ancient wisdom, thereby failing to understand both.

As alluded to by recent observations on the frontiers of quantum physics, the possibility of an intelligent Creator is being reinforced, but the assertions of religion are not. This is because they are not the same things. The "God" of the three faiths of Abraham is a false image that simply cannot exist as portrayed. To have "faith" in someone's assertion of what that "entity" is represents folly and foolishness. Simply asserting the name "God" while attributing clearly flawed notions to it and then worshipping that false image, including so-called scripture, is exactly what the ancient sages warned about. Just like the Bush crew, the founders of Christianity asserted they knew better, not because they actually did, but because they knew a certain ratio of people could be duped into helping them gain wealth and power. These are the same groups who have claimed that religion represents ancient truths and wisdom, but all of the evidence presented by their deeds and results says otherwise.

The structure and order throughout all eleven dimensions of this holographically organized reality are not merely by chance. The truthful understandings of ancient wisdom, along with observations on the frontiers of science, are converging to present us with new and expanded insights about our universe and reality. It appears that the "Creator" and souls participate cooperatively in maintaining this thought-based "universe." With that said, religion is dead wrong about who, what, where, why, and how. One big clue to this conclusion is that religious and political leaders have always conspired to purposely deceive people about the true nature of reality.

Having faith in the assertions of those seeking profit is folly. When they wrap themselves in religion while equivocating about good and evil and claiming to serve "God," they are obviously striving to deceive. Just contemplate the fact that many world leaders belong to secretive cabals while claiming to be religious believers, that the Vatican/Papacy maintains a great store of secret knowledge while demanding faith, that the holier-than-thou pretenses of both religious and political leaders are regularly being exposed as great hypocrisy, and that religious leaders often speak against the occult while many are members of secret societies associated with the so-called occult. Such widespread duplicity is not evidence of those with a love for the truth.

Seeking truth and wisdom is the opposite of having faith in science, mysticism, or religion. On the other hand, science has a much better track record by regularly forcing religion to succumb to proven facts. Even so, interpretations of scientific data and observations can be wrong because people make mistakes, misperceive, and/or misinterpret. Wisdom and scientific laws are often the same things, but it is vital to discern if they are accurate. Likewise, philosophical wisdom should engender and embody similar precision, and that is the complete opposite of "faith" and mysticism. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth.

What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Here is Wisdom !!
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
5:43 pm
Understanding why religion is strong delusion
The time has arrived for those blinded by religion to open their eyes, see the light, and help me vanquish the sword they have been deceived into supporting and wielding. How can Judeo-Christians blindly support rich and powerful leaders who rule using great wealth, deception, war, destruction, torture, and injustice when the messiah is supposed to deliver truth, wisdom, and justice, vanquish the sword, and dethrone the unjust, rich, and powerful? What is wrong with this picture?

No leader of an empire ever truly believes the religions used to manipulate subjects. That would be like a drug dealer hooked on his product; its bad for business...

Christians often quote things like "know them by their fruits," yet after millennia of being duped into abetting blatantly evil scoundrels, many still don't understand the meaning or import of much of what they read. The same canon paradoxically propounds "faith," which means the complete opposite of "know them by their fruits," i.e., to discern the truth by analyzing deeds and results (works) and to weigh actions instead of merely believing what is said.

The deceptive circular logic of posing a fantasy messiah who urges both discernment of the truth and faith (belief without proof) clearly represents a skillful and purposeful effort to impose ignorance and confusion through "strong delusion." Any sage worth his salt could understand the folly of this contradictory so-called wisdom. This and mountains of evidence demonstrate that faith and religion are the opposite of truth and wisdom. It is no wonder charlatans like Rove, Bush, and others have marked Christians as dupes to be milked as long and as hard as possible. Any accomplished con artist easily recognizes religion as the ultimate scam and fervent followers as ready-made marks and dupes.

We now live in an era where science has proven so much about the vastness, rationality, mathematical preciseness, and structural orderliness throughout every level of our 11-dimension universe. Nonetheless, large percentages of people still conclude that these flawed and contradictory religious canons are the unmodified and infallible "word of God." People who can't (or won't) discern the difference between truth and belief are easily misled about the differences between good and evil, wisdom and folly, perfection and error, reason and irrationality, and right and wrong.

The fact that political leaders have always had close relationships with religious leaders while cooperating to manipulate followers to gain wealth and power is overwhelming evidence that the true purpose of religion is deception and delusion. People who are unable to effectively discern basic moral choices or to reason accurately are easily indoctrinated to follow the dictates of national and imperial leaders who wrap themselves in religious pretense. Truth and wisdom are direct threats to the existence and power of empires. That is why imperial leaders always strive to hide so-called secret knowledge and impose deception and ignorance upon their subjects.

I, and many others, have expended great efforts researching and publishing a variety of evidence proving that these religious canons are both error prone and rife with purposeful deception. Furthermore, the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus Christ never existed and the stories about him are meticulous, though flawed, fabrications. The fact of deception has been proven from many directions. The New Testament is rife with historical and logical errors, verifiable contradictions, and outright lies. Christianity is clearly a Roman "strong lie" designed to impose "strong delusion" for the specific purpose of financially and politically exploiting entire populations.

It is undeniable that the European names and faces of the New Testament and Christianity cannot possibly be the truth. They were interpolated into the so-called Gospels by Roman leadership. It is important to remember that ancient Judaeans were dark-skinned, as were the Gnostic Coptics (Egyptians) and the Ethiopians. None of these people would have had names like Mark, Peter, Paul, Phillip, Jesus, James, etc. Consequently, it is undeniable that these names (and faces) are later creations imposed by Romans and their proxies who ruthlessly eliminated all competing stories and philosophies to establish the Christian Orthodoxy now referred to as the New Testament.

The very fact that the New Testament and Christianity have been cleansed of African and Middle Eastern names and faces is evidence of purposeful racism and deception. The fact that it continues to this day is undeniable. Simply look at how Christian nations have treated native peoples in every land they conquered and then imposed the Christian myth, which asserts the divinity of a white-skinned messiah, who is based on blatant lies and meticulous misdirection. Look at how the current leadership of the USA has used Christianity and duped Christians to gain the political power and cover to impose their will on everyone else.

Books like the Jesus Puzzle , Christ Conspiracy , James the Brother of Jesus , and websites like Jesus Never Existed , present thorough and accurate analyses of primary claims throughout the New Testament, Christianity, and by Christian leaders. Nonetheless, religious leaders and followers actively continue to assert the exact opposite. While fighting tooth and nail to hide the truth about stunning proof of Christian fraud and lies they regularly dismiss stunning evidence exposed by archeological finds like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Codexes, and more. Likewise, the following Washington Post article, The Book of Bart , about the book, Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman, exposes how many changes and embellishments were made to these texts over the centuries, unequivocally demonstrating they are not original, infallible, or truthful.

I have gone even further than other authors to comprehensively demonstrate that the canons of all three faiths of Abraham were based on even earlier texts that incorporated verifiable wisdom. These original texts were modified in various ways over the millennia to satisfy the ambitions of religious and political leaders. The Hebrew texts, including some purported to be of Christian origin such as the Book of Revelation and 4 Ezra, are closer to the originals and thereby more easily reconstructed. On the other hand, the balance of the New Testament is the result of heavily reworked earlier texts, traditions, and concepts. Nonetheless, they are replete with recast Hebrew symbology that has been falsely represented over the centuries as literal events and miracles. Because of the structure and nature of the ancient symbology used to frame and encode the original texts and concepts, I have successfully reverse-engineered it to verifiably reveal the truth about much ancient wisdom. I have thereby given humanity the ability to effectively unravel the lies, discern the truth, and understand the wisdom that has long-been purposely obscured by millennia of religion and mysticism.

The events of recent years and the actions of the so-called Evangelical Right and Republican Party have produced a veritable flood of evidence illuminating the great duplicity and hypocrisy of Judeo-Christian political and religious leaders. While bedeviling us all with their holier-than-thou pretenses, they are consistently being exposed as some of the greediest, most arrogant, and deceptive of all people. How much more proof is necessary before humanity finally understands that religion has always been a purposeful deception and the chosen tool of great deceivers? What must the "faithful" experience before they understand they have been duped into supporting the primary sources of evil in this world?

Did you ever stop to consider why the earlier texts speak more of wisdom and personal responsibility yet Christianity mysteriously arose to focus more on faith and miracles instead? Read the following verses for some insight into this situation. Why do you think these messages were directed to Christians? All is not as it seems.

2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then the lawless one will be revealed, and the Lord [MelchiZedek, aka Seven Star Hand]... will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming.
2 Thessalonians 2:9
The coming of the lawless one ... will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, (Rome and its Christian Empires)
2 Thessalonians 2:10
and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth...

2 Thessalonians 2:11
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe (have faith in) a lie (religion),

2 Thessalonians 2:12
so that all may be condemned who did not love the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (greed, falsehood, and injustice).

Pay very close attention to verse 2:11 above. It is undeniable that religion fits the description of a strong delusion. It has likewise been called a strong lie, which is formed by merging some truth and wisdom with purposeful deception to create a strong lure and logic-trap to ensnare those susceptible to deceit. Both money and politics have been structured and managed using the same techniques. This conclusion is clearly supported by millennia of evidence and by the events and situations of the last two centuries and especially the last several years.

This is the answer to why religious followers so often support and perform blatant evil. They have been purposely deceived and deluded in a manner designed to destroy their ability to discern the truth. Consequently, religious adherents are easily misled about the differences between good and evil, truth and lies, and justice and injustice. Those who cling to "faith" in the presence of stunning and comprehensive proof of errors, lies, and outright deception in these religious canons and by blatantly duplicitous, holier-than-thou leaders are clearly suffering from strong delusion!

Always rely upon the wisdom of knowing them by their deeds and results (fruits, works), when in doubt!

What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent otherwise good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

Here is Wisdom !!

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